Who are you, Audrey?

Pierre Gaillard



Audrey was onboarded at Radiance just after earning her BA in Administration with a Major in Marketing from UQAM. “Someone I knew worked at Radiance and they put me in touch,” she says. “I quickly met Guillaume Brunet, (President and Co-Founder) as well as the rest of the team, and we clicked right off the bat. I finished class on Friday and started as Campaign Coordinator on Monday!” That was four years ago.

Since then, Audrey has climbed the ranks to a digital performance directorship. Her rapid ascension is due in large part to her natural aptitudes: she’s an organized, professional and detail-oriented leader. It’s also representative of the agency’s deep-seated belief in bringing the best out of its people, encouraging them to take initiative and push their limits. “Radiance delegates important responsibilities and accounts very quickly. Our collaborators work at Google, Facebook and for other high-profile clients. Being given that kind of trust, plus the right tools, allows us to grow and it really boosts performance!” enthuses Audrey.

We expect performance, and that’s one of the things that makes our clients trust us. As a result, business is booming, and where there’s growth, there’s perspective. Radiance is all about investing in and trusting its employees, and that’s how the agency plans on producing the managers of tomorrow. You only need to look back at Audrey’s story (and similar experiences on the team) to confirm. “Radiance works with everyone’s strengths and prospects. Love Pinterest? Become our go-to person for the platform. Want to get your blackbelt in Facebook? We’ll hook you up with a training plan. The idea is to walk with our employees and provide them a framework in which to thrive, grow and give the very best of themselves.”

What makes Radiance so special, according to Audrey? “Radiance has amazing team spirit! It sounds a bit silly, but we’re friends here. We have one another’s back and we help each other out. We host events almost every month and we love theme parties: board games, Mario Kart, eating out … I don’t think anyone does it like we do!”

How does Audrey see the future? “The agency has the means to match its ambitions, and growth has been non-stop. We’re aware of being one of the best agencies out there and we intend on keeping that going.”

As you can tell, teaming up with Radiance is synonymous with personal growth and development in line with that of the agency. What if you’re the next Audrey? Join our team!

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