Who are you, Marylyna ?

Pierre Gaillard


Who are you, Marylyna ?

On Friday, May 10, Marylyna celebrated 2 years here at Radiance. It goes without saying—the time must have flown by for her. So now’s the perfect occasion for Radiance to look back on her journey with us.

It’s a bit by chance that Marylyna made her way to digital marketing. It’s taken a while for our Account Director to find her main focus. Ask her about her academic background and you’ll get what we mean: French Literature, Dental Hygiene, Law, and finally a BA in Marketing.
Marylyna loves surprises, the unexpected, and most of all—having her curiosity piqued.

It’s her insatiable thirst for knowledge that first brought her to the Radiance team. One of her e-commerce classes just so happened to involve presenting digital strategy to Radiance, which in turn ended up becoming her foot in the door with the agency.
From there on out, things moved quite quickly (like everything with Marylyna), and she soon landed an interview with Marine Abbou, Vice-President, Strategy and Operations.
‘’I was uber motivated and I enjoyed conversing with the team members. I really wanted the job. I memorized the whole listing by heart, and touched on everything they were looking for in a candidate.‘’

It became clear to her that no other field domain than digital could satisfy her hunger for challenges. The Radiance-digital combo became a total no-brainer.
‘’In an agency, things move fast and we always need to stay on top of the constantly evolving digital landscape. That’s exactly where I need to be. Every day, we embrace new formats, fresh functionalities, and even emerging platforms. We always need to take a step back and reassess, because what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow.‘’

May 10, 2017 is when Marylyna officially sealed the deal with Radiance. From that day on, she has thrived, climbing from Campaign Coordinator to Campaign Manager, then to Account Manager, and finally to the role of Account Director, all in a two-year span. ‘’Radiance laid the groundwork for me to grow and move forward. Marine, Alex, and Guillaume put their trust in us and encourage us to take initiative!’’

When you ask colleagues about Marylyna, they sing her praises. Her passion for coffee aside, everyone highlights her leadership skills, endless cheer, as well as her positive attitude.
’’Marylyna is a talented and passionate colleague with contagious motivation. She always gives 100% to her and her clients’ projects. She’s a real team player and she likes to take care of her people. She’s always there to give an extra hand!’’
adds Marine.

Marylyna sees herself as an extrovert who likes to see the best in people. Her main attributes: rigour, organization and interpersonal savvy. So what’s her vision for the future?
‘’I’ve grown so much since I joined Radiance and I continue learning every single day. I want to pay that forward, which is something I’ve already started doing with my team. The vibe here is amazing: we work amongst friends. We can always count on one another. When something comes up, we know there will be someone reaching out to help us.’’

In a field of quick and constant change, Marylyna has become one of the cornerstones here at Radiance and a key to our clients’ many successes. Congratulations, and thanks for everything Marylyna!


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